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"The playful state of mind is the ideal state for learning new skills, solving problems and engaging in creative activities." Peter Gray
Schools, Nurseries and Pre Schools

If you would like to book Forest School sessions for your school, please get in touch to discuss arrangements.

Why do Forest School? Taking part in regular forest school sessions will boost children's confidence and benefit them in many ways beyond the time spent in the woodland.  During forest school sessions children take charge of their own learning; they are motivated by exciting activities such as den building, tree climbing, fire lighting, tool use... and are inspired by their surroundings and the freedom they have to explore.  The forest school philosophy emphasises the importance of learning through play; children choose how they want to play and through play they continually challenge themselves to achieve more with each repetition of an activity.  


The progress children make each week is noticeable; as they become comfortable in the woodland environment and gain a greater awareness of their capabilities, their sense of achievement and growing confidence can be almost tangible.  Discovering that you are brave enough to climb a tree, use a sharp tool, explore the dark ditch, build a bridge, or light a fire, boosts a child's self esteem - if they can be bold and resilient in these situations then they might dare to take greater risks in the classroom... read aloud, share ideas in front of the class, make a new friend, tackle a difficult challenge in maths and so on.

In a time when testing and measuring against set criteria has become the norm, some children can feel like they are failing.  There is therefore a greater need for children to have time and space where they are free to explore, play and be creative, trust their own instincts, pursue the things that interest them and make progress because they are highly motivated to succeed.  Forest school provides children with this opportunity.

Read more about the benefits by selecting the heading Forest School above.

Cost: School and Nursery groups pay £75 per half day.

Details of Fox Wood running costs

Schools and Nurseries we have worked with:

Roydon Early Years - Pre School

Bressingham Primary School

Diss Children's Centre

Merryfields Play School

The Swan Nursery

Roydon Primary School

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