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Play is our brain's favourite way of learning.
Diane Ackerman
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Sometimes when you're paying for your children to take part in clubs and sporting activities the costs to you as a parent can add up quickly and everything seems so expensive - We understand as we have children.  We do our best to keep prices as low as we can, but as you can see from the list below there are lots of costs involved when running any children's group:


Planning & preparation time

Set up time

Time running the session

Pack away time

Unloading and washing some equipment after sessions

Materials (food, drink, fire wood, craft materials) 

Equipment: ropes, tools, tarps etc

Admin time

Public liability insurance specific to Forest School

Keeping Outdoor Paediatric First Aid training up to date

Website Cost


Accountants fee

Online Booking System

DBS Checks

Training - continued professional development 

Developing Fox Wood to make it a fantastic place for people and wildlife!

So the price sometimes increases a little in order to cover the costs of all of the above and leave us with funds to pay staff for the work they do.


Hopefully sharing what happens behind the scenes enables everyone to see how the money coming in is spent. We absolutely love running forest school sessions and want to make groups accessible to people from all backgrounds, as all children benefit from more unstructured, outdoor, adventurous play.

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