Our Survey Said...

In April we sent out a survey asking Fox Wood friends and supporters to answer a few questions that would help us understand how they would like to see Fox Wood grow and develop in the future.

Thank you to those that took part, we appreciate your lovely comments and helpful suggestions.

So here's what you told us:

86% of you would be interested in Fox Wood Play sessions during term time and on Saturdays.

71% of you would be interested in being part of a Fox Wood Wild Life Watch group.

Lots of you with children of nursery age were interested in a forest school nursery that offered

adventure and outdoor play to encourage your children to foster a love of nature and develop confidence, strength and resilience. The main concern that we gleaned from your answers was that parents wanted to know that their children were safe and that staff were friendly, competent and well qualified. Amongst our team of directors we already have two qualified and experienced teachers and an experience childcare worker, holding a BTEC Nat Diploma in Childhood Studies. Two of the team hold a level 3 forest school leaders qualification and have completed Outdoor Paediatric First Aid Training. We also already have appropriate policies and risk assessments in place that address safety issues relating to the site and the activities we offer, these are always under review and updated regularly.

Some of you raised the issue of weather and how this might affect participation, this is something that concerns us too, so we are continuing to look at how we can offer a cosy shelter to give respite from the weather when it gets too cold, wet or windy. Better shelter would enable us to avoid cancellations which can be tricky for parents if they have work or other commitments.

In response to how forest school attendance could be made a realistic option all year round for all families (not just the really hardy ones:), some of you mentioned the use of fires, but on the whole the focus was on the provision of better shelter an issue we are working hard to address.

The idea of a buskers night around a campfire was popular, with 76% of people wanting to take part.

57% expressed an interest in a Well Being group and 62% in skills based courses.

We were very interested in the idea from one respondent regarding setting up a Women’s Circle and yoga group - we don’t have your email address, but we would love to hear from you.

The ideas we have explored through our survey are in keeping with our aims.

At the heart of what we do is a desire to:

  • support both physical and mental wellbeing of all participants through time in nature, adventurous play and connection with others

  • encourage children and families to connect with nature through play and exploration, so that they might be the ones to protect it in future

  • create a haven for wildlife within our local community

If you share these aim and are interested in greater involvement in any of the groups or volunteering on site, we would love to hear from you. If you haven’t already done so please let us have an email address or other means of contacting you, thank you.

Over the coming months, with your help, we will work towards bringing some of these plans and ideas into reality. We really value your input and involvement and look forward to growing Fox Wood with and for our local community, with thanks,

Ange, Lou, Lorraine and Jennie


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